Instructions for use

IMPORTANT! Always apply TheraCare Skin Control Gel on dry skin. Before applying, remove any blood or interstitial fluid from the damaged area and dry the area well.

Open a new tube with the peak in the cap. Apply the gel directly from the tube on the damaged area of the skin, without spreading manually. Do not rub or spread the gel as a thin layer on the damaged skin area. Instead, leave the gel on the skin as it comes out of the tube (a rather thick layer).

The light blue TheraCare gel turns into light, crystallised layer on the skin within a few minutes. Let the product affect at least for 5 to 15 minutes, until the gel has dried thoroughly.

If you wish the dried gel to be invisible on the skin, tap e.g. moisturising lotion lightly on top of the gel, or moisten with water and remove the powder. In other cases, you can leave the dried, light-coloured TheraCare powder to affect the damaged skin area longer, even overnight.

N.B.! Clean any remaining product carefully from the cap and the twists of the tube, and close the package immediately after use. This prevents the gel from drying inside the tube. In case the gel has dried and hardened, act in the following way:
Open the cap and wash it from the inside until it is clean. Cleanse the twists of the tube carefully. Close the cap tightly. Sink the closed tube in hot water (60 degrees). After the thermal treatment, the gel inside the tube is clear and thin again. This can only be performed twice per tube; after this, the active ingredients in the product will be destroyed and the product is of no use.

THERACARE Skin Control Gel: For external use only. Inflammable. Avoid the product from touching eyes or mouth. Not suitable for children under the age of 3 or during pregnancy.