THERACARE Skin Control Gel is an antiseptic, disinfectant special product for treating local skin problems and injuries, such as inflammations, cuts, sores, insect stings, spots – in general, any damage on the skin.

THERACARE Skin Control Gel is a skin-friendly gel that penetrates the pore and already in short time forms bioactive aluminiumhydroxide which effectively absorbs harmful toxins, components foreign to skin, and proteins that support harmful microbes. This absorbtive cleansing of the skin has an antibacterial effect that has been recognised for decades. TheraCare cleanses the problematic area, protects the skin from irritation and helps the skin renew faster.

THERACARE Skin Control Gel contains guaiazulene (non-allergenic), the soothing effect of which has been scientifically proven. Therefore, TheraCare gel is also recommended to use after dermocosmetic treatments to prevent skin irritations (epilation, depilation, milium removal, acne treatment etc.). In several above mentioned situations, TheraCare gel can prevent erythema (reddening) and swelling as well as help to maintain a healthy skin.